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African Billionaire Will Give $1 Million To Anyone Who Wants To Leave America if Donald Trump is Elected President
November 5, 2016 - Written by Wararka Maanta

Washington, D.C. – South African Billionaire, Femi Adenugame, has released a statement offering to help African-Americans leave the United States if Donald Trump is elected president. According to reports, he is offering $1 Million, a home and car to every Black family who wants to come to South Africa.

Concerns about Donald Trump becoming president has prompted a South African billionaire to invest his fortune in helping African-Americans leave the United States to avoid further discrimination and inequality. With the recent media coverage exposing police brutality and racially motivated crimes against African-Americans, Femi Adenugame, has decided to put his fortune to what he believes is good use. He has created the “Back To Africa” movement in efforts to assist African-Americans in returning to their “motherland” and starting a fresh life. According to reports, Femi Adenugame has invested over $500 Million into the project. Adenugame owns 5 commercial 747 jets and a fleet of cruise ships which he plans to use to transport those who are interested in “returning” to Africa from the United States.

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“I want to do something good with my money. I already do much for the people of South Africa and other nations in my continent. It’s time that I extend my wealth to my brothers and sisters in the United States. They are suffering from discrimination and racism without any real help from their government,” said Adenugame. “Now that Donald Trump, an American Billionaire, who openly expresses his racist views towards people of color, I am urging all Black people in America to leave while this opportunity is available. I welcome you to your original home. Donald Trump represents the overall consensus of how America feels about people of color. I have sat back long enough, it is time for me to help my people abroad,” Adenugame added.

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Adenugame indicated that he got his idea from Marcus Garvey which encouraged those of African descent to return to the African homelands of their ancestors back in the 19th Century. Adenugame has indicated that there are some requirements in order for interested individuals to be eligible. All interested individuals must be 18 years of age, they must have a passport or be able to obtain one legally, and they can not have a criminal background. Should an individual meet these requirements, they would be eligible to benefit from Adenugame’s Back to Africa plan. The Back to Africa movement is set to officially launch in November 2016.

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