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Ismaciil Buubaa is danger to our country
November 17, 2016 - Written by shaqalaha somalilandone Media Group

Ismaciil Buubaa is danger to our country

The below link is one of the most recent interviews Ismaciil Bubaa has given to the media. He succinctly explained that he would never support Somaliland but explicitly reiterated in the interview that he would commit to destabilising Somaliland. In the interview, he claimed that he would go back to Somaliland as to join one of the political parties that he feels embedded in his perspectives. That political party, he said he could use it as a vehicle to fight against Somaliland to coerce into uniting with Somalia. He vehemently used strong tone demonstrating how he should induce instability in Our country once he has got the opportunity from sympathetic political party to his mission. Therefore, it seems he has found Waddani party to be used to accomplish his outstanding ambition.

This guy is a danger to the Somaliland and he should have never been allowed in to the country.

Please circulate this link to warn our people the risk we faced from Crazy Buba and Waddani party Colluding to substage our country at the time we are much closer more then ever to securing international recognition.axmed Ciise 

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